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Kreative Englisch-Köpfe

Im Englisch-Unterricht des Kurses 11/1 war es die Aufgabe, sich kreativ mit dem Recht, in den USA Waffen tragen zu dürfen, auseinanderzusetzen und dabei Wissen aus dem Unterricht und die eigene Meinung klar zum Ausdruck zu bringen. Roman Hübscher (Comic) und Eric Liebe (Gedicht) haben das besonders bemerkenswert umgesetzt. Aber seht und lest hier selbst…

Senseless gun possession
The second amendment gives people the right
of feeling much safer with guns on their side.
But think 'bout the problem of private possession
some people use guns with excessive obsession.
Excessive obsession? - Yes, you heard right,
with hate on black people they may start a fight.
They maybe don't listen to the whisper of time
which says that the slavery today is a crime.
Another aspect of this dubios law
is the aspect which Columbine saw.
Two people shot pupil with noise and no mercy,
they looked on their faces and shot through their jersey.
A second example you could enjoy,
is a six - year old girl shot by a six - year old boy.
His uncle had a gun just next to his bed
that's why the girl is unfortunately dead.
This way of safety is American style
therefore they established a criminal file.
Who is responsible for such stupid decisions?
One thing is clear: not the politicians.
I mean: What should they do without any power?
These poor can discuss only hour by hour.
But if something happens, they have no solution,
they try to explain it with words of confusion.
The problem is the law, that is quite clear,
but who can it change, this life with this fear?
To answer the question and prevent a new drama,
we should ask that man, whose named Barack Obama.